Annual Meeting to be held the first Monday of December, 7:00 each year, at the indoor range. 

Please plan to attend.


Range Rules and Regulations


All firearms not being used are to be cleared with actions open


All firearms and ammo must be kept on weapons table with actions open and unloaded


Firearms are to be loaded at the firing line only after the range master has given the command and with the firearm pointed down the range at the backstop 


When finished firing, all weapons must be properly cleared and unloaded on the weapon table


No targets are to be retrieved of altered once firing begins, unless all weapons have been cleared at the firing line (Exception is use of mechanical retrieval systems)


All shooters are to remain at the firing line until his/her relay is finished


There is no handling of firearms and ammo when people are down the range


Pistol are only allowed in holsters at the outdoor range .  At all other times after being called to the firing line weapons must be placed and remain on the weapons table.  


No center fire rifles or shotguns allowed at the indoor range, this included 357 or 44 mag.  Shotguns are not to be fired at the outdoor range.


Approved targets only. Shooting at bottles, jars, cans etc is not permitted.


At the indoor range, paper targets or provided swing metal target with use of backstop are approved.


No jacketed field loads are permitted, target loads only at indoor range.  


The use of 17 HMR rounds is not permitted at the indoor range.

Pick up all litter including brass at both ranges.


Hearing and eye protection are mandatory at all ranges. 


In the event of a power failure, all firing must cease and weapons cleared.


People that are not shooting must wait in the waiting room


You must sign, print your name legibly in the sign in book in the indoor and outdoor ranges with the date you attended the range


Ensure you turn the thermostat to 6 degrees Celsius and turn off all lights in the indoor range


Memberships must be renewed prior March 1st.  Any returned member to renew after this date is subject to a $140 late fee.  


All accidents must be reported to your executive council for insurance purposes.


Maximum calibers for the ranges are as follows;

Indoor range; 44 mag target loads

Outdoor range:  300 mag black powder, rifle

          357 mag 44 mag pistol


You must carry the rules with you every time you are at one of the ranges


Any member found in violation of the rules will have their membership revoked and the CFO will be contacted.